European Speakers Tour


Activities linked to the extraction and exploitation of natural resources significantly transform the social dynamics and environmental landscape for indigenous and other land-based women in Latin America. Responsible for most of the household work, such as collecting water, harvesting of family crop, cooking and cleaning, their entire livelihood and status within their communities are put at risk. Yet, due to long-standing patterns of discrimination, women victims are often denied the space for participation and to voice concerns over their rights and access to land, territory and resources.

Attempts to engage in decision making over processes that shape their lives is frequently countered with fierce repression and criminalisation from corporate and state actors, and widespread use of gender-based violence to silence women’s efforts.

LAMMP’s advocacy work is driven by the need to overcome women’s invisibility and isolation, and to provide them with opportunities for direct representation. To facilitate these platforms, LAMMP and the Unión Latino Americana de Mujeres (ULAM) regularly organise European Speakers’ Tour. During these events, Latin American women human rights defenders travel to Europe to share their own narratives of struggles and experiences with a wide-range of audiences that include policy makers, international civil society, academics and journalists.

In turn, LAMMP hopes to expose the range of corporate and state practices that currently have a detrimental impact on Latin American women activists, their families and communities, and to demand accountability for human rights violations in the context of natural resource extraction.

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